What can you do for me?

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So you meet the qualifications of the job- and then some. But so do a laundry list of candidates behind you AND in front of you!
You need to read between the lines and answer the question that employers really want to ask: WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME? And in order to figure out what the hiring team (that’s right, I said TEAM- usually a group of people makes the hiring decisions) really wants/needs, you have to do some homework. Go to the company website, look up the history of the company, google the CEOs, get information about new projects the company has taken on and decide how you, personally, can be an asset.
Then practice short 15 second statements about how your experience and education and background can add value to the firm or make the operations run more smoothly. This will make you stand out from the pack for all the right reasons and you will have answered the question that is on the mind of every hiring manager.

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